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Paleto is a collection of 360 3D popsicles coming out from the freezer multiverse, there is a flavor and mood for every personality. Every drop will be of 30 paletos and they will be online every month. Monthly airdrops for paleto owners on Discord as well as the montlhy gaming giveaway. Paleto only exists in polygon network so you won't spend any coin in gas fee. 5% are going to be donated to a Children hunger charity.


Phase 1.
Freeze 360 Paletos.
Collaborations and partnerships with Polygon community.
Community grow.
Marketing campaign.
Donation to children hunger organization.
Creation of Paleto Zombies serum.
Official Merch.
Avatar for sandbox metaverse.

Special edition

Phase 2.
Derivate collection with smart contract.
Special edition Paletos airdrops for holders.
Creation of a token.
Creation of 3D airdrops metaverse.

Metal Paletos.

New benefits for Paleto owners, 5 Paletos give you a bronze Paleto, 10 Paletos gives you a silver and 15 Paletos gives you a gold Paleto. Join discord to reclaim your benefits.

The Team

Ivan Itsai
  • LinkedIn - círculo blanco
  • Instagram - Círculo Blanco

Industrial designer and 3D designer. Creator of 3D Paleto.

  • Twitter - círculo blanco
  • Instagram - Círculo Blanco

Discord mod, creator of Zippes collection.

As seen on

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